Difficult People

Most of us have at one point or another encountered someone we truly did not work well with. These people range from minor annoyances to the bane of existence. It is very easy to place the fault of these failed work relationships squarely on the shoulders of the other without taking any responsibility. My point here is not to point fingers, but rather to point out a missed opportunity for self betterment. Continue reading


Perl SOAP::Lite Example

Recently I was tasked with integrating systemA with systemB. Could I be more vague? Yes, probably so. Anyway, systemB is a vendor’s system which is implemented with both a SOAP and a REST API. REST is inherently easier to implement given its use of URLs. However, I chose to use SOAP, because I figured that in my field I was far more likely to encounter a vendor who only implemented SOAP than I was a vendor who only implemented REST. That decided I set off down a long and SOAPy road…

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Comprehensive Online Identity Management

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the information that can be obtained online can either be to our benefit or detriment. Privacy concerns make the news almost daily and many have lost their jobs due to material they though was either irrelevant or anonymous. Employers are increasingly turning to online sources to look for detailed information on potential employees. I think that this latter case can actually work in our favor if we take the time to make sure that there is little to no negative information about us online and make sure that positive information takes its place.

This post will detail the steps I have taken in that regard. Please note that these are just ideas to get you thinking. You are responsible for your own actions.

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